Monday, 11 March 2013


So another component of the PLE project is that we must create our own personal dashboard. A dashboard is basically a conglomerate of website streams and links that is central to you PLN. I used a program called Symbaloo to make my dashboard. Symbaloo uses a button interface to set up links that take you to certain websites. I find Symbaloo to be very useful. I have made my home page of Safari set to Symbaloo because it makes internet surfing a lot more efficient. I use Symbaloo every day. I think that a dashboard is very important in a PLN because it ties everything together. I strongly suggest using Symbaloo or other dashboard systems if you visit many websites on the internet. Symbaloo made my life so much simpler!

Here is the link to Symbaloo:

Happy Spring!

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  1. Great post, Brian! Looking forward to seeing your video tour!