Thursday, 21 February 2013

There's Nothing Like A Broadway Show!

Hi everyone! Sorry that I haven't written anything recently, but I have a whole lot of stuff on my mind that I need to share, so brace yourselves for a bunch a posts! Firstly, I need to get a move on with my PLE project. I'm falling a bit behind! So, to quicken things up, I'm going to blog about my next to favourite blogs right now!

Both of these blogs are independent reviewers for New York theatre. The first is an blogger who reviews off-off Broadway shows by small theatre companies. It is really neat to read about these lesser known shows that could be hidden gems in the New York theatre scene. It is very hard for these shows to get publicity and this blog advertises them very well. I suggest that you view this blog to see what cool, alternative shows are playing in the city. It would be a great experiment and hopefully a good experience to go see a show that is not mainstream.

Here is the link:

This next blog is hilarious. While this blogger is slightly more negative towards the theatre, he adds a needed sense of reality to the Broadway stage. This blog puts a satirical spin to the shows and events on Broadway. My favourites are parodies of the scripts from Wicked and the 2012 Tony Awards! If you want to have a good laugh, please visit this blog. Warning: Not for the easily offended!

So, I hope you take pleasure in reading these blogs and I promise that I'll be back soon with more personal stories and my final two favourite blogs!

There's Nothing Like A Broadway Show from The Producers

The overture is over,
The curtain starts to rise
You're suddenly in clover
You can't believe your eyes
You're sitting on the aisle
You break into a smile
Why this magic feeling
And then you realize
That there is nothing like a show on broadway
Nothing like a broadway show
Hearts will skip a beat on broadway
If you're feeling blue
I'm telling you
Thats the place to go
Movies drag
Their ending's sag
TV's just a bore
So hit the street
And move and your feat
To the place we all adore
There's nothing like a show on broadway
Nothing like a broadway show!

It's often been said that theatre is dead
The critics repeat it en masse
But the theatres alive
It's gonna survive
Although it's a pain in the ass.
You waited forever,
And finally got tickets,
To get to your seat you gotta cross pickets,
The guy to your right is frightfully tight,
The guy to your left appears to have rickets!
The music's yuck,
The lyrics suck,
And the casting's all wrong!
And when you reach the bathroom the line is 5 miles long.

But still there's nothing like a show on broadway.
There's nothing like a broadway show.
You swear you'll never go again,
It's simply not worthwile.
You make that vow, and then somehow... 
...You're back there on the aisle.
That's why there's nothing like a show on broadway.
There's nothing like a broadway show.
There's nothing like a broadway show.
And though it is expensive at a 100 bucks a throw!
there's nothing... like a broadway show! 


  1. Good finds. Don't overlook The New Yorker or The Village Voice for lists and reviews of current Broadway and Off-Broadway shows. Great resources!